Opera Festival

Dear Audience of the Festival!

Music is one of the most beautiful gifts of human kind.

It is a message, a part of the knowledge of the Universe, understood by our practiced fellow-creatures, the composers, who are psychics transforming it understandable for us simple mortals.

During the last 100 years this deepest essence of a composer's profession was lost sight by so many, that contemporary classical music has become an issue of a small professional circle, and lost its connection with the audience. 

We have to say clearly that it is wrong, the king is naked. We have to say clearly that this must change.
We must help composers and the audience to find each other again to re-establish the way of the world.  

This recognition is becoming stronger and stronger in the heart of the millions of music lovers, performers and creators.

The Bartók Plus Opera Festival is the first determined, brave, official advocate of this recognition in the opera world.

You also join this wonderful mission, when you attend the Opera Festival of Miskolc,
the mission of which is to present us all with the imparalleled, wonderful joy of discovering something new.

Gergely Kesselyák
Festival Director